AdultFriendFinder Review: The Membership Fee Is Not Cost Worthy

AdultFriendFinder Review: The Membership Fee Is Not Cost Worthy

It is often common to have a bad experience in using an online dating service. You are willing to pay for the fun of finding romance and someone to date, or perhaps find your one true love from online dating sites, but you end up being disappointed with the kind of the online dating services you get in return. This should not be the case. Remember, you are in control of your online dating experience. Reading reviews of the best singles sites on the internet will give you the advantage of knowing the pros and cons that come with a particular online dating site. Our online review about the dating services available on the web can offer you better insights into how to approach your online dating options.

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Why You Need Online Dating Site Reviews

Various feedbacks were gathered from different online forums about the AdultFriendFinder to help you find what you need to know in just a single online dating site review. But at the onset, there is nothing but to find out some facts yourself and do your own homework of researching about the site to make your own judgment. Many have a high expectation from this site and there were various feedbacks and opinions that were shared about their experiences when using this online dating service. While it can be disappointing to hear some of the information we will give, at the end of the day, the decision is yours. Our aim is only to give an insightful point of views about the AdultFriendFinder site and what those who used their services have said about their service. Despite what appears to be a highly popular online dating service, here are some of the drawback features of the site.


The site is considered to be one of the best singles sites’ services that have served thousands of online daters in the planet. According to the site, they have about over 23 million users across the globe with more women online daters. There were rumors that the site was purchased by Penthouse Publishing and many find it ironic why such a reputable company will try to purchase a poorly performing online dating service. The first aspect of the site that will immediately catch your attention is its poor website design and layout. For being hailed as a popular online dating site, the management should have allotted the time and budget to purchase a high-quality website design theme that will give the site a professional looking website interface. Indeed, if the site is generating promising revenues from their online dating service, they should give back the favor to their users by giving them a better user interface to navigate when using their site.

The profiles of the online daters who are using the online dating services are far from being impressive. The way their photos are presented on the site creates a lower quality profile to their users that can sometimes easily turn off other prospective dates. While the users of the sites are encouraged to upload their photos on their profile to the site, the management reserves the right to own any image that the site users upload to their server. This means you should not expect enjoying the privilege of keeping your photos private. For instance, the moment you upload a sexy photo of yourself to your profile account the same image can be used by the site owner any way they want it, such as making it appear on the front page of the site. Perhaps not all of the site members missed this part and are not aware of this condition provided in the usage contract from the site. Now that you are aware of this, you should consider this each time you upload photos or images to your profile on the site’s server.

Everyone is always looking forward to enjoying a free membership from the best singles sites on the internet. AdultFriendFinder does provide this perk of free membership to their site users. But is it really a perk? Many find it useless to register a free membership on the site when there is nothing else that you can do on the site for free. The excitement of using an online dating site with a free membership is immediately deflated after knowing that the users are required to upgrade to gold membership in order to access all of the site’s features. The excitement of using the site is further dampened once you see how much the membership fee costs.

Is The Membership Cost Worthy?

The site has one of the most expensive paid membership fees I have seen from the best singles sites ever. A monthly membership will cost you $29.95, 3 months for $59.80 and 12 months for $179.10. If you are keen enough to do your own research and compare this membership fee from the other online dating services, you can say theirs is one of the highest ever. Considering the features available from the site, you will think that it will definitely rip off your budget without giving you the best return on the money you paid in exchange. For some, signing up for this lucrative gold membership is an insane decision. You will not find the features available on the site as excellent enough to be worth your money because of what seems to be the limited features on the site. In exchange for your paid membership, you will have access to the profiles of other members of the site, the chat feature, and communicate with other members of the dating site. Other than these features, there is nothing else worth mentioning. Considering that there appears to be a wide database of users on the site, it can be noted that the same familiar persons appear when searching for women to date on the site. It cannot be avoided that the users will have the impression that the profiles of prospective online dates may be fake, which can be a big nightmare after you have spent a huge amount for your gold membership. When using online dating services, it is always best to review and research about what appears to be the best singles sites before really believing the site’s lip service.

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