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Some of the best best singles sites are actually adult sites. They rate highest on several factors, including the site itself, the security of the site and the culture of the members and the administrators. This review is meant both to inform the potential users of about the site’s features. This review is broken into four important elements: the site design, the security, the administration and the members.

The site design

The site design involves the actual look of the site, whether the site is accessible at any time of the day, and that the site has enough information, and whether the site has other great features that set them apart from others.

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The site’s first page is well-built. The welcome page design does not look cheap, in fact, it does contain thoughtfully chosen photos. The warning for minors is a bit too sheltered since it is located at the bottom of the page, but this welcome page does not contain revealing photos which are excellent in case minors accidentally comes across it.

After browsing a few more pages along the line, there are photos of members appearing in There are a few testimonials which provide the potential users with an idea of what to expect from the site. There are also the privacy terms, the customer support service and the record keeping compliance. All the pages are working accordingly with no buttons bringing you to blank pages.

The site is also reliable that anytime a member or potential members would like to visit, it is online – no downtime. The site also has the statistics of the number of guys, the numbers of couples, the number of messages, of online members posted right on the first few pages.

Aside from the website’s great design, potential members are given tips regarding the culture of this site. But, the review of that culture would be given later in this article. Now, aside from the physical make-up of the site, another important aspect of the site is its ease of navigation. The website can be easily navigated because the smooth transition of the pages leads exactly where the user wants to go.

To sum up the rating for the site itself, is given 10 out of 10 because it is reliable, easy to navigate and all the supposed functions are working properly.

The site security

Moving on to the security of the site, the contents and warnings for the members are adequate. There are warnings that allow the potential members to be more aware of what they are signing into. There are sections that state about how their information is to be kept and how this information may or may not be shared with third parties.

The most important section deals with credit card information, the email addresses and, of course, the identity of the users. The site provides the potential members the heads up on what they might experience about their information depending on the settings that they choose upon sign up. Security is a tight business on this site. This might have something to do with the culture of the members and administrators alike. Like other best singles sites, there is a constant reminder about the security of information of the members.

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In turn, the sign up also includes questions that will help administrators to hook the members up with other members that have the same interests. This is also essential to make sure that the hook ups are successful and that the dating partners are on the same level of sexual drives.

Since the site contains all the warning signs and reminders for their members and potential members alike, the rating is 10 out of 10.

The administrators and the members

As mentioned before, security is a big business in this site because of the culture of both the administrators and the members alike. So, if administrators are to be rated, they would also get a perfect ten because they do provide the necessary information so that potential members are not kept in the dark. As related to members already, administrators are also pretty clear about the rules and regulations on the site. They have the rules up front so that the members would not be flagged or reported in any way.

The rules and regulations of created the culture of the members. The members are oriented on how the site works and how the members operate. This moves not only from the messages one sends but also up to the hookups and the mornings after.

There are basically three steps by the members here; the chat, the meet and the forget. These steps are necessary to maintain anonymity at all times.

The member usually starts by chatting with whoever he or she wants to meet. They usually start with sexy chatting. The chats can go on for hours or days, but there are also some who just wants to get what they want and get it now. This is where ultra fast hook ups take place. Most of the time, the casual date simply means a sexual liaison.

After the chatting, the hook up itself is set. There is no need for fancy dinners and such, the hookup is all business- there is no room for any other stuff. As a practice by the current members, their names are to be kept confidential, most of the time it is just their usernames that the other member knows.

The members are also advised to make sure that the hook ups are secured and that no cameras or such are to be used. Of course, this is usually between two consenting adults, but there are policies made by the administrators to ensure all the members’ anonymity. In turn, members do not usually have the time or inclination to take photos.

There are also certain actions made by the members that the administrators merits as worthy to be grounds to be banned from the site. Basically, these are things that threaten the confidentiality of the site or the confidentiality of the members. This may also be actions that are borderline criminal. This keeps the members feel secure about their anonymity, this allows them to have maximum enjoyment without any hitch.

This allows their member to be treated just like members of the best singles sites, but some are not really single. There are even members who are couples and are looking for some members with the same interests for a great time. This is very liberating for many members while for others their curiosity is more satisfying than anything else.

The hookups could be great or not so, still, same policies apply. The casual date is to be left where it took place, there is no need to treat each other like there is an obligation to bring them home. The dating couple then forgets it ever occurred. This culture within the site helps in ensuring that everybody is getting only what they want. If anybody is not looking for the casual sex anymore, then, they have failed to fit with the purpose of the site. They are then advised to seek the best singles sites instead of adult sites.

Forgetting another member is not literal, there are actually members who just do not do a second casual date. This is especially true for those who have highly confidential jobs or for those who go from place to place and only use the site to have a date in all the places that they would be staying or for those who basically want to move on fast.

The members do not necessarily have all the power on this site because of all the rules, but most seem to have had the same goal with lets them move in a collective manner. This is what sets them apart from the best singles sites where some members are actually looking for the meaningful relationship for keeps. On this site, there is actually no space for romance, meaningfully meeting new people or even a tinge of feelings.

This mutual understanding between the members earns them a 10 out if 10 rating and again at 10 out of 10 rating for the administrators.

This site earned this rating not only because it has a great website, but because it has policies that actually created a subculture of some sort. Here is the rundown of the ratings: first, a 10 out of 10 for the website design because it is reliable, easy to navigate and all the supposed button functions work; second, a 10 out of 10 rating for its security because they have all these security features, rules and regulations prior to signing up; third, a 10 out of 10 rating for the administrators because they have created a safe platform for the members and lastly, a 10 out if 10 rating for the members for forming a tight bond made out of common goals.

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