JustHookUp Review: Just Hook Up is a Scam

JustHookUp Review: Just Hook Up is a Scam

Are you in search of true love, romance and relationship? Finding the right person for you is now accessible with the help of the best singles sites that offer online dating services. Dating online offers you a good avenue of finding a casual date or a budding true love. You can expect anything to happen with online dating. You can see couples telling stories that their relationship began from using an online dating service and end up getting married and now raising their family. Online dating offers you the control of enjoying any kind of relationship you want and finding a wide database of singles who are willing to enjoy the same thrill of online dating or perhaps find their one true love somehow.

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In order to obtain a high-quality online dating experience, you should be smart enough to search for the right online dating site for you. Reading online dating site reviews can help you make a wise decision before you give your financial information to pay for a paid online dating service. One of the popular online dating sites is the JustHookUp.com which is a promising online dating site that is meant for sexually active singles who are in search on either a no string attached or serious relationships. You can always find someone who has been sexually active just like you who want to get laid without any wasted time.

Becoming a member of the site

By becoming a member of the site, does not necessarily mean that you are aching to get laid down. Members have some fun things to do using the site feature called ‘Nice ‘N’ Naughty’ where the members can showcase anything about themselves, including an interesting image and fun facts about the individual’s personal circumstance. You can even talk dirty in order to hook up with the other members instantly. JustHookUp.com does not impose any limits on the number of images you can upload to your profile.

A downside about becoming a member of the site is the risk for the other members to misjudge that you are someone who wants to go online dating only for the sake of getting laid down. As most people who are using the site have this in mind as a purpose of online dating, it will not be a surprise if you meet sexually active singles who want to do something more than just chat. If you are the person who is a conservative type, you will find members of the site to be too aggressive for your kind. If you like naughty people, then the site members can give you what you really want for an online date.

Just like the other best singles sites, the site also has a mobile application that will give its members the advantage of getting laid without the need of their laptops. You can easily hook up with the other members, receive messages from other members, and keep in touch with your date 24/7. However, the downside of using the application is experiencing some downtime or glitches when using the mobile app. It can be disappointing when your laptop is not with you and you are scheduled to hook up with your date at a given time and the mobile app is causing some glitches when being used.

Payment to access the site features

JustHookUp.com has a lot of robust features that can make you feel the excitement of hooking up a date. Among the features enjoyed by the site, members are live sex cam shows, a chat room, social network platform and advanced search features. You can always find the perfect match for seconds after searching the site database of member profiles.

Of course, these features always come with a price. You cannot access to use these great features until you pay a membership fee that is ultimately one of the most expensive among all the best singles sites on the web. Signing up is actually free, but you will not find the online dating service useful until you upgrade your account to a paid membership of $34.95 for a monthly subscription, $24.94 for a 3-month subscription and $12.95 for a yearly subscription. Payment issues are also flooding the site from complaining members because they cannot access their account after paying. Other fraudulent charges were also discovered on the members’ credit cards, thus there is a growing suspicion that the site can be fraudulent or a scam. While the site is popular in finding dates, you can easily hook up, it can consequently make your credit card suffer from fraudulent charges that can leave you in an empty budget.

Moreover, the site also reserves the right to charge their members with some periodic charges without the member’s authorization. This can pose a problem later on that can result in additional charges to your account until you provide a further notice to the site administrators. It is important to monitor your billing statements as they may charge you periodically for some perks and offers that you do not find to be worthy and valuable for your money. Additionally, you will also be charged for a renewal of your subscription automatically without any prior notice to you, but you can request for a cancellation, but this may entail a tedious process. Response to your request to cancel the charges may be delayed or worst will not be acted upon at all.

Other drawbacks

Spammers are also a common complaint from the site’s users. Many receive unsolicited emails in their inbox after registering for the site. Some users suspect that their personal information, such as email addresses provided in their accounts is sold to third parties. This makes it essential to become more mindful of what you have signed up for on the site and think about what kind of personal information you have willingly provided on the site. Online scammers are numerous these days and they are always using online dating sites as a perfect venue for scamming people of their money or by obtaining their personal information for some fraudulent activities. Make sure to choose the best singles sites that are reputed enough with no taint of a bad reputation as a fraud or scam.

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