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Online daters possibly come across the site in search of online dates. The site is perhaps one of the best singles sites on the web today and one that is constantly gaining popularity among the online daters. There are so many things that can be said about the site for finding the perfect relationship and dates who match their interests to the unique online dating experience in using the site’s features and functionality. The was created by a dating and relationship expert, whose dedication has helped the site grow and progress to become one of the online dating sites with many members.

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Based on the forums and feedbacks, we have gathered all information about the negative experiences of some of its users. While the site is considered to be a haven in finding online dating relationships, there are some drawbacks that its users may experience at some point or another. Because you value every penny you pay for using an online dating service, it is prudent to be wise and understand what you signed up for. Online dating sites are always available at your disposal and it is up to online daters to select the few that are considered to be reputable and capable of giving a unique online dating experience to their users.

Downtime, glitches and server crashes is one of the online dating services that are reputed in giving an accurate match to their online user’s profile. Many have signed up for the services, but there are a growing number of users complaining about their difficulty in accessing the website. Based on the forums and feedbacks, some users experience some downtime in accessing their account when the site is down. In some cases, there is no way for them to access their profile as it was either deleted or rejected. After filing a complaint with the administrator, their account was reinstated.

The best singles sites should be one with the capability of providing an excellent customer service with the ability to address some glitches or issues experienced by their users. A growing online dating site with the members progressively increasing should be able to update and upgrade their server to accommodate more users navigating the site. If you think you hate downtime and do not want to be on the waiting to get an instant connection and access to the site, you will find using their services as frustrating.

Some users complain of having created a profile and the following day could no longer find the web page where to access the site. Some may think that they were scammed, especially after signing up for a membership fee. However, good for some users, the glitch was temporary and are able to access their account and able to continue dating online. The danger of getting some down time and worse, not being able to access your account anymore is after you have paid for a membership fee. It will be difficult to cancel your subscription anymore or request to refund your money.

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Expensive membership fee

Not all online daters are very desperate to pay a monthly fee of $29.95 to be able to use the site for online dating. Although, almost all of the best best singles sites are likely to impose a high amount of their membership fee, the rate is considerably very high, perhaps one of the highest among the online dating sites today. The features of the site are not that worth paying for online dating, though, and you can find the same features from other online dating services that charge you only for a minimal cost. The other options for subscription are $19.98 per month for a 3-month subscription and $12.49 a month for a 6-month subscription. You should weigh the risks and benefits that come with your subscription option as you do not want to engage in a long term commitment just in case you are unsure what your online dating experience will be by using the dating services offered by the site.

Automatic subscription renewal

Not all online users of the site take the time to read the conditions attached to their subscription fee. The imposes to their subscribers to charge against their account an automatic renewal of their membership within 24 hours after the end of their subscription. For someone not mindful about monitoring his account from the site, there is a chance to be surprised of being billed by your credit card provider for the renewal of your membership fee even if you no longer opt to continue using the online dating service. Thus, the drawback of signing up to the site is getting you into an automatic renewal of your account that the site reserves the right to charge to your credit card. If you no longer like to continue using the service, make sure to cancel your subscription before quitting and deleting your account, to prevent the continuous charging of the membership fee to your credit card.

Prospective online dates

One of the downsides of the site is you can find many members that you can date, but there are only fewer members who are single. The site advertises its online dating service that caters to those who are in their 50’s who are looking for a date or romance. Therefore, you should not expect too much that the site has many singles to date online. In many instances, online users are expecting to find singles to date, but end up with disappointment after finding out that most members are no longer single or are already in their 40’s and 50’s. The site clearly advertises that they cater to providing online dating service to people searching for love in their 50’s. Some members often overlook this one unique feature of the online dating service of the site. To some, they don’t feel that the matched dates for them were accurate to their preferences. Many best singles sites out there can provide you with various dating categories where you can find the kind of online dating preferences you want.

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