Should You Be Insecure With Your Date’s Ex?

Insecurities in a relationship are very common and one of the major sources of insecurities in a relationship is your partner’s ex. It is natural to somewhat feel insecure at some point in your relationship. However, when you are unable to control that tinge of insecurity inside of you, it can result in a more problematic issue that could strain your relationship. Make sure to limit the extent of your insecurity about the ex of your partner before it can take a toll in your personal relationship with your partner.

Before you begin to go overboard about your insecurities, keep these things in mind to pacify yourself and prevent the risk of making the ex of your partner a threat to your relationship.

1. Your partner left his or her ex for a reason

This means that things did not go out well for both of them and what matters is he or she is with you. That must mean something. You are the present and the ex is the past. It is always to your advantage what the present dictates in your relationship right now. It may be true that your partner’s ex may be gorgeous or handsome, but that was not enough to keep their relationship going and strong. Relationship is more than just the physical attraction. There are many factors that can keep a relationship successful and what matters is your current relationship is doing better than his or her past.

2. Physical edge is not an advantage

The most common cause of insecurity about the ex of your partner is that they look more beautiful or handsome than you. But it helps to know that one’s physical attribute is not an advantage in a relationship. Perhaps younger individuals give more importance to this aspect, but those of older age will know better that it takes more than the physical appearance to make a relationship last and endure the test of time. Physical appearance fades in the long term. But the impact of a good attitude, warmth, genuine care and humor that you can give to your partner will last longer. Give more importance about these aspects in your present relationship to keep the love burning for a lifetime.

3. Maintain your self confidence

No matter how insecure you feel about your partner’s ex, always maintain your self confidence. After all, your partner keeps you in his/her life because there must be something good about you. Always know your strengths and lay it down on the table. Give your best to maintain the good things your partner loves about you and try to improve your weaknesses. Remember, your partner chooses you and that is good enough of a reason to make you feel confident about your relationship.

4. You are different from your partner’s ex

Never compare yourself to your partner’s ex because you are two different species. It is best not to get all the details about the ex of your partner to prevent yourself from comparing. While he or she has a lot to boast about, so are you. Do not live your life in comparison to others. You are more likely to be happier knowing that your partner loves you because of what you are.

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