Singles Dating Guide For Guys – A Must Do For Beginners

A date is an activity to get to know each other. As soon as you get this thoroughly in your mind, you are ready to start. The aim of dating is to know the other person and for you to introduce yourself in a bit more on the personal level. To break down the whole dating process, there are three stages that would help you through the date free fromscathe.

Dating Process


Pre-date includes first and foremostasking your date out. Make sure that your date knows that it is a date and not just a casual meeting with a friend. This would remove the awkwardness beforehand. Be it a new co-worker or a long-time friend, asking your date out should be primed with a singles dating guide. There is no telling what her reaction would be, but people usually act or react positively when they find the extra effort. Ladies are not asking for the Hollywoodish type of asking out, but the more than a casual asking can do the trick. Your creativity would tell a lot about you too, which is the same as a sneak peak about the whole you.

Setting the date does not only require the “asking” part, but also how the date would be. Research a little or dig in a bit in your memory says the singles dating guide. She may want to go to a new restaurant, watch a new movie or a yacht date or a more athletic one. If it would be a surprise, make sure you tell her what she should be wearing. Remember that women are concerned about the right getup anywhere she goes. If you would be trying something new for both of you, read up and make sure you bring the necessary precautions for two.

The pre-date also includes your own personal preparation. Remember that haircut and shave you have been pushing back, you might want to get them before the date. An appropriate coat and shoes also works. Make sure that you have your wallet with you, as you would not want to pull that joke, this only works for romance movies. Paying Dutch is also pretty popular, so do not be embarrassed if your date insists on such an arrangement. Brush up on the old chivalry act too. You might want to practice opening the door for her, pulling the chair or bringing a hanky, it says a lot about your character without the words of course.

During the date

The asking part is only a small portion of the date. Arrange for a transportation that works for both of you. If you opt to pick her up at home, it is definitely more mature, not to mention respectful, to properly knock on her door and not just honk and expect her to come rushing out.

During the date, you would be faced with the whole introduction part. First stop. She is not your guy friend. She may be a friend who shares your love for sports, but she definitely would not want to talk about that for the whole night. Any singles dating guide would advise that.

In any conversation, we recommend that you ask questions that does not solely require a yes or no answer. Such questions lead to a dead air in your conversation. If you want to date her, then you should be genuinely interested about what she likes.

In any conversation, we recommend that you ask questions that does not solely require a yes or no answer. Such questions lead to a dead air in your conversation. If you want to date her, then you should be genuinely interested about what she likes.

We cannot stress it enough as well that a conversation is two-way, it involves letting her speak as well as you volunteering information about yourself. You cannot hog the introduction all to yourself. Be sensitive to topics that she may not want to talk about. A classic sign that she does not want to talk about a certain topic is when she tries to segue to another topic rather than what you are actually asking her. When this happens, choose her topic or something else unrelated to your previous topic.

The ultimate singles dating guide usually recommends that you keep your gadgets throughout the rest of the date. This means no social media while on the whole date, a few souvenir photos, maybe, but posting it during the actual date would distract both of you, which means that you would get less attention to get to know one another. If you choose to drink a wine later in the date, make sure that you know how to handle your liquor. This way, you will avoid saying something you do not actually mean, or for your date to misunderstand your actions. Ending the evening or the date could be a bit out of your depth so it is important to read the right signals. The goodnight kiss or a thank you handshake should end the night just right for a first date.

After the date

If you plan for a next date, you probably have enough to work on, you should have picked up what you think she would like. This is a test of your listening skill, as well as the reading between the line feel.This is where singles dating guide for second dates would come in handy.

If the date has not really gone too great, but you both think you can give it another go, then try another setting. If you did not do well with a formal date, you might want to go to a less intimate one like a sports event or a paintball fight. Still, make sure that you do not go into casual mode, check the first part, it still applies even on second dates.

After dates are full of “ifs” but then, you can never go wrong with asking her again, she would probably give it another try if she enjoyed your company. If not, she will refuse outright or give you a lame excuse not to go, take a hint because there is a thin line between persistent and stalker creepy.

Whether the date is a success or just so-so, do not make promises you would not keep.

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