Singles Dating Guide For Ladies

Ladies, dating can be daunting at times, but singles dating guide would help you get back on track, whether you are new to the dating scene or have been absent for a while, there are some tips that are worth checking out before being out there again. Here are eight of the most essential tips:

1. Start fresh

Dating should not be about revenge or rebound, nor should it be about curiosity. Dating should be about knowing another person. If you feel that you are out there to do some revenge, you better wait and weed out the feeling first. The right time should not be forced, otherwise, both and your date would not each others’ company. You might also end up feeling worse than before you actually dated. Now, prepare yourself both emotionally and mentally.

Stay Fresh in Preparing for a Date Emotion preparation should be about letting go of all past relationships or the lack of it. Remember that nobody likes a person who has lots of emotional baggage. Most guys would rather meet someone who is open to meeting new people than someone who is ready for a relationship already. Meeting new people means you are ready to move on but not quite there yet. Mental preparation means you should be ready to be genuinely interested to know another person. You should also be ready to talk about some of your favorite things to do too. Brushing up with current events may also be good for conversation starters.

2. Find the right activity

From your date, choose activities that you are interested to do. If you are not sporty or adventurous, then do not force yourself to go sky diving or bungee jumping or such just because he is into such activities. It may not be too great if you faint in the middle of the date, right? Remember that there are other activities that both of you might enjoy together. There is nothing wrong with trying out new things, but you have to make sure that you at least have an interest with what you would decide to do. This is why having a singles dating guide is helpful, it just keeps you on track. So, if you are afraid of heights, you might want to stay clear of activities within this range.

3. Dress for the occasion

When you already have set the date and activity, make sure that you have the perfect clothes for it. What you wore five years ago may not look as good on you today. Find time to fit in those clothes. It is best to fit it a day or two before the date so that you can make adjustments just in case. If the date calls for something casual, then do so. Going somewhere formal, then make sure you dress appropriately and by that, it means, you should also dress your age and cover some of those areas that should be left for the imagination.

4. Do not be in a rush

This tip goes into so many levels. Dating involves time, so spend your time wisely. Time during the date is important so you might want to let go about updating your social media account after. A few photos would be great, but do not wait until you get that social media perfect selfie. You might want to free up the whole day until night so that you would be relaxed and not think of your other appointments. You might also want to push early morning meeting so that you can have a late night just in case you have to talk with your girlfriends about the date. As mentioned, do not be in a rush – this also goes in jumping into a relationship. If you are not comfortable, do not commit in a relationship that you are not sure. Anyway, a first date cannot possibly give you enough to enter a relationship. If you feel that you are not ready, go back to tip number one on this singles dating guide– start fresh!

5. Be gracious

Do not go all crazy feminist when a guy goes all chivalrous. Some guys are still made to grow up to open doors for others, pull chairs for their dates sometimes even bring a hanky and a coat for the lady. In the world where chivalry is dying, you might want to appreciate a few who still does it. In turn for this chivalry, you should act a bit on the lady like side too.

6. Be thankful

Be it a lousy date or a great date being thankful is a good lady trait. Being thankful for a great date is fairly easy. But, if it is not a great date, you still have to be thankful. The two of you might not have hit it off, but you may even have had a chance to meet a new person. Besides, you can always play matchmaker for one of your single friends. If he finds you a great date, just not for him, you may one day find yourself dating one of his closest buddies too. All singles dating guide should actually emphasize this tip as being thankful goes a long way. Being thankful for a great date means that you would probably get the second or next date but, you would have to make sure that if he does not call, you still had the great date and move on.

7. Do not make promises

Promises are meant to be kept. Remember that if you make a promise, that person would want you to keep it. If you do not make any promises, you part without any attachments. On the other hand, do not coax a promise from the other person, keep in mind that if he cannot keep it, you will be in for a disappointment. This singles dating guide is meant just to remind you of things that you probably know already, so, without further ado, go ahead and enjoy the company of new people in your life.

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