The Art of Dating For Introverts

One of the difficulties of introverts is to be able to converse and communicate socially. Because of this weakness, it is often hard to find a date or a partner. Becoming socially active to meet new people is a big challenge among the introverts, and this affects their ability to date with other people. To help you overcome this challenge, they need to learn the art of dating without making it such a big pain for them to do. This will also help you find the right person who is willing to take you as you are.

Be honest about being your personality

When seeing someone, it is ok to be honest in telling your date about your personality of being an introvert. You can explain that this personality makes it harder for you to be socially open to others and you can take your relationship slow by beginning with friendship and leveling it up to a romantic relationship. This is fair to your date to help him or her understand your situation and gauge whether they are willing enough to go through this process.

Do not be scared of rejection

Some introverts never take their chance of dating someone because of the fear of rejection. It can be a natural process to go through in order to find the right person for you. As you were being encouraged to be honest about your personality as an introvert as stated above, you can ascertain at the early stage of the dating process whether your date is really interested in you. If not, then it is a good riddance that you know early on before you start hoping things will work for both of you. Rejection should be taken positively as a way of telling you whether your date is worth pursuing a relationship with.

Spend time with your date on places that you are comfortable

Introverts sometimes feel overly anxious about spending time with someone, especially on a date. I order to make yourself more comfortable and at ease, it is best to ask your date to go to a place that you are very familiar and feel at home with. Your dating environment can help you improve your ability to cope with the situation and you somehow feel you are in control of things that are happening around you. You can also set up a group date with your close friends so you won’t feel too uncomfortable about being with someone as your date.

Introverts should control being givers

Studies show that introverts are givers and there are people who usually take advantage of this. When dating, make sure that your date is sharing the end of the bargain. Beware of dates who are takers and are likely to take advantage of your generosity in an effort to please them. You should be dating with someone who is willing to please you as much as you want to please them. So make sure to be more critical about how your date treats you.

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