To Marry or Not To Marry Your Online Date

You met someone special from an online dating site and you feel strong physical and emotional attraction instantly. As you pursue your online relationship, it can be quite a bit overwhelming when your online date proposes a marriage. So what do you do next? The best thing to do before saying yes is to consider a lot of things. Marriage is a long term commitment and you don’t want to be in a situation where backing out can be a difficult choice the moment you say yes to a marriage proposal. Here are some helpful tips that you may find useful when deciding to marry or not to marry your online date.

Do you know the person well?

This is perhaps a very important thing to ask before making a major decision about marriage. If you have been dating online for quite some time now and you feel that you are comfortable with the person already, then that may not be enough. It is difficult to give a specific time frame when you can actually say you know a person well. But a relationship through online dating is unique. Sometimes, you need to require a higher standard before you can finally say you know the person very well. Online daters who find a serious relationship with each other will always take their relationship out of the chat room and meet personally and go out on dates beyond the virtual world. Most of the time, it is difficult to really assess an individual’s personality until you are not with them physically. At the end of the day, it is you who can answer this question. But the bottom line is not to dare marry someone whom you don’t really know well.

Tell-tale signs of a negative behavior

Do not be blinded by the extra nice treatment given to you by your online date. Be aware of the tell-tale signs that your date is showing a negative behavior that you should consider before marrying him.

  • A controlling behavior may not be a good sign. This is apparent when your partner hardly gives importance on what you think or prefer and every decision he makes is all about his preferences.
  • Your partner shows a self-centered behavior. This may be an indication that your partner has a narcissistic behavior with an excessive need for self-admiration. He will likely show high regard of his own feeling without caring about yours.
  • A manipulative behavior of your partner will not be good for you. If you feel he constantly dictates your feelings, decisions and behavior, it is about time to reconsider your relationship.
  • He is not keen about his finances and job responsibility. You don’t want to marry someone and take the burden of financial hardships along the process. Make sure to assess your partner if he has a stable job and not constantly changing employment frequently.

Marriage is a major decision to make. Approach the decision slowly but wisely when you want to level up your online dating relationship to a lifetime commitment.


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