Who Should Pay For A First Date?

It is your first date and your dilemma is, who should pay the bills? In a modern world of dating, both men and women want to show they are independent. However, it has been a tradition that men usually pay the bills, but some women have liberated point of views about paying, too. For most men, taking the responsibilities of paying the bill will show their effort of trying to please their partner and show that they are gentlemen enough to do this. But if you are a woman who no longer follow the old school of dating, giving a share of the bills is certainly alright.

The traditional dating practices

Men paying the bills on a date are already a tradition. It is probably an old school for dating, but men should recognize this practice, especially if your date follows the traditional way of dating. The best thing to know is to casually talk about it with your date in order to know her stand on this issue. The personality of your date can also tell whether she follows the old school of dating where men have to pay the bills, or shows a liberated point of view as otherwise. Making yourself more comfortable during your first date is essential and making plans play an important role to make your first date special and more meaningful. It is very common for first time daters to talk about what activities to do on their first date and offer who pays which bill for their dating activities.

Your guy wants to impress you

Aside from being a tradition that men should pay the bills on your date, some men will simply want to assume the responsibility because he wants to impress you. So give that leeway to your boyfriend to enjoy what he is doing. It only shows how much he wants you as he is willing to do anything to impress you. Men usually like to boost their ego that they can give their ladies an impressive, special and comfortable dates. Women also like to be treated like a princess, so it is one of the strategies used by men when trying to impress their dates, especially for the first time.

Your guy feels fulfilled by paying the bills

Bragging aside, it is common to see men assuming to pay the bills because they want to feel fulfilled about being the man in the relationship who should take care of you financially. Most of the time, dating experts will indicate that men will go out of their way of paying the bills in order to put their date at ease without the pressure of having to do so. It is advised that when your man offers to pay the bill, you should let him. It adds to their sense of fulfillment of doing what is right and appropriate at that time and you may end up offending him from preventing of doing what he wants to do. For women, learn to be courted and let your man do something that will make them feel accomplished.But if you feel strongly about paying or sharing the bills, it is always alright to tell your date about how you feel.

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