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Who says that you can only get many dates from paidsingles sites? For most people, the best singles sites are those that are free. They have the most number of people, they have the most active members and they have great features. Aside from these, there are sites that can offer some “other features” that other sites cannot.

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So what is attractive about It has these features plus so many other aspects that are not present in other sites.

To provide a better review, let us take this into two large parts. Let us start with the basics of the website. Website reviews are pretty simple;navigation, thematic attraction, its function, the connectivity of the site, contents and overall look. After these basics, we will move on to the website purpose and its members.

Navigation on the site is pretty simple which is a good thing. A website which can easily be navigated attracts many users. The users which can easily find their way within the site would be able to check things out, they get attracted more easily. They would also be able to move smoothly along the pages. A rating of 9 out of 10 is right on.

Thematic attraction is also necessary. The front page displays are right for the kind of service that they provide. The testimonials are readable, the font is good as they are able to direct the eyes to move over these pieces. The photos are also pretty decent, considering that the first page is the warning page for minors who are trying to access the page. The background photos are also thematically displayed. The photos has the attraction, however, the photos are mostly women so that pretty much tells a story, so a rating of 8 out of 10 for this review.

The button function is as if the buttons you actually click provides the information that you need. The button functions took two tries before the actual information was displayed. The first one showed an “about blank” page, the second functioned properly. Changing the profile information and the profile look is pretty simple too. There is no problem when it comes to other parts. The buttons function exactly as it should. So the function buttons are given an 8.5 out of 10.

The connectivity of the page is fast at There are sites where you are timed out after neglecting to navigate through the page for a while. Being considered as one of the best singles sites,the site is able to maintain connectivity that visitors can check out any time, thus, the reliability of the connection is good. Even if loading the pages is usually dependent on the speed of the internet, there are also sites that visitors have a hard time checking. This site proves that an average connection can still load the pages fast. As for connectivity and reliability, it is a 9 out of 10.

Contents are the meaty part of any website, but in this case the contents are only the side meat in here. The review for the main purpose of the site and the members would be tacked in the later part of this review. The contents of the site are very useful. They contain frequently asked questions about the site even prior to signing up. Those who want to research these prior to signing up would have no problem checking these information, the terms and conditions are also available to them.

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The photos and videos uploaded by the members on the site are also given guidelines. Some of these guidelines include excluding photos with minors, as well as photos that depicts sexual intercourse or abuse. Photos that are copyrighted and anime cartoons are also not allowed to be uploaded. Even photos with genitals are not allowed.

Since the site contains enough information as well as regulated photos, the contents in the general aspects receive the rating of an outstanding 10 out of 10.

The overall feel of the site is also a good fit – a 9 out of 10 rating. The overall feel of the site is the experience that one gets even while visiting the site and even without signing up.

Now that the ratings for the website itself are done, then the other part of the review is next.Moving on with the other meaty part of this site, the things to be reviewed are the website’s purpose and its members.

They are rated as one of the best singles sites, but there are a few twists here and there. Even if it is considered in the singles sites, they are actually in the business also of offering discretion to their married members. So they are still able to match partners according to their preferences. In turn, they are also able to provide upon sign up the chance to meet anyone. Upon signing up, the locality is determined as well. The users are given the opportunity to choose what locality they want to look into. The pool of users can be searched by then, however, the matches are limited for basic users.

The members are then taken into three different levels. These levels, of course, have different features. There is a basic kind of membership where the members are allowed to do the central purpose of the dating sites where they can create the profile, search fellow basic members and upload photos and videos. They are also able to send invites to meet in real life, however, the basic members can only receive emails but they cannot send them. Aside from the basic membership, also has silver and gold membership. These two membership levels have more features of the site.

The silver members can do all the basic members do, but they have a friends’ lists in which they can view all the members and not only the basic members. Aside from these, they also have advanced searches. While the silver members have more features, gold members have added facets where they can actually go on top of the search lists. The gold members appear on top of the search lists so that they would have more chances to be seen by other members. However, the most important feature is the automatic access to another adult site.

Now, these are the types of members, but there is another aspect of the membership that is perhaps the central point of joining the best singles sites.

Meeting new people in the website for casual dating is not exclusive for singles, many people are married and still open to meet these new people. Upon signing up, the site does not ask whether their potential member is married or not. The discreet nature of the site is appealing. Thus, hooking up can actually take a few minutes, especially if the search is local.

The members of are open minded individuals who are looking for some hookups due to different reasons.There are others who came from some of the best singles sites but have found out that there are many lacking features in those casual dating sites. Other members are looking to find release from their hectic life by finding someone to share their passion with.

The reasons for hooking up could be too varied, but there is only one goal. The casual dating scene through the site is uncomplicated and undemanding. Many of the hookups are arranged in a hotel, resorts or sometimes in the place of one of the members.

The members understand that these hookups entail a non- involvement of any feelings. None of the members are emotionally attached to their casual dates. There is no guarantee that the members will get second dates too.The collective way of life by the members ensures that everyone understands that nobody is entitled to any romantic attachment to any other member. In turn, nothing can also compel any member to reveal their identity.

After a careful review, the purpose of the site which is to help people meet for casual dates, more than the best singles sites, is met too. The rating is 9 out of 10 because the basic members could have been given more leeway to meet other people.

Of the membership, there is a need to separate the ratings into the different levels of membership and the members in general.

The different levels of membership deserve a 9 out of 10 rating. The basic membership in this site has more features than such membership in other sites.

The members in general deserve a 10 out of 10 rating because the members are able to create a way of life that is exclusively for members of this site.

Overall, deserves a great rating because they are able to manage the site well. They have an excellent customer support service, they have enough information for the potential members too, and they have levels of membership that can help members have the feel of the site first before they decide to do a Gold membership.

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